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Privacy and Security



  1. Are all your products made with aromatherapy oils?

    No. Some of our products, for example, bath bombs, are made with fragrance oils rather than essential oils, however these are clearly stated on the packaging.

    If you are in any doubt, please ask us before you purchase - we're here to help!

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Online Shopping

  1. How do I use your online store?

    We have put our products into separate categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Simply click on any of these categories to view our products.

    When you find an item you want to buy, click on the 'Add to Basket' button next to the item. When you have finished choosing what you want, click on the 'Checkout' link at the top of the page and we will ask you for some basic details to complete your order. Like a real shop, you can visit your shopping basket many times before checking out. If you would like assistance at any time, please contact us - we are here to help!

  2. What is online shopping?

    Shopping on the internet is the same as shopping anywhere else, but without the walking! You look around our shop, put items you want into your shopping basket and then pay for them - we are committed to the safety of your personal information.

    We then send your order to you by First Class or Parcel Post (depending on weight) - easy as that!

  3. Where is my shopping basket?

    Good question! Our shopping basket is not the same as a real one but it does the same job. When you add items to your shopping basket, we remember which items they are so that when you are ready to pay for your order, we then display all the items you have chosen. Next to every product we have, you will see an 'Add to Basket' button. If you want a particular item, simply click the 'Add to Basket' button and the item will be automatically put into your shopping basket.

    Like a real shopping basket, you can take items back out again if you have changed your mind or made a mistake or even increase the quantity if you want to buy more.

  4. How do I pay for my order?

    When you have finished ordering, select Checkout, which will take you to the PayPal page.  This will allow you to make a payment online using your credit or debit card. Both of these choices offer you a safe and convenient means of paying for your order.

    Alternatively, you can choose 'Invoice and Payment before Delivery'. If you chose this option, we will send you a copy of your order in the post and ask you to send us a cheque for the total amount.

    If you are ordering from the catalogue, send us your completed order form and cheque or postal order for the total amount.

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Privacy and Security

  1. Are my credit card details safe?

    Yes they are. We do not share your personal information with anyone else, ever! Because we use PayPal to process our customers' online payments, we never see your credit card details.

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  1. When will my order be delivered?

    We will email you every time the status of your order changes. When you first place an order you will receive an email from us thanking you for your order.

    You will then receive further emails from us to tell you when we are processing your order, and finally to tell you that your order has been posted.

    At any stage you are welcome to call or email us and ask for an update on your order.

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