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Natural Elements - Massage Candles


Made from natural soy wax, cocoa butter, avocada oil and shea butter and infused with pure essential oils, these candles make a luxurious, warming massage oil.

To use: simply light the candle and allow a small amount of wax to pool. Blow the candle out (safety first) and pour the oil/wax into your hands, it should be the temperature of a warm bath. Rub the oil between your hands and massage into skin.

Take care when using as the oils and wax can stain fabrics or surfaces.

Four varieties available:


  • Granite - wintergreen, peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus make a soothing blend for tired, aching muscles
  • Fire - zesty lemon, lime, mandarin and grapefruit enliven and energize your senses
  • Blossom - sensual ylang-ylang, neroli and geranium blended with earthy patchouli for a romantic experience
  • River - float away on calming lavender, sage and chamomile

Presented in a clear "paint can" style box.


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