Daisy Chain Gifts

Uniquely British Gifts in the Heart of Virginia 

What Makes Us Different?

It's a good question.

And at first glance we probably do look like "just another gift shop".... but we're not! Because unlike a lot of gift shops, the majority of our items are handmade, not just shipped in from some nameless factory overseas. Don't get me wrong, every now and again, I come across something that we just "have to have" in the shop because it is too gorgeous to pass up but on the whole, if we haven't made something ourselves, then we know personally the artisans who have.

I make all our soaps and bath products by hand, either in my workshop at home or upstairs above the shop. I also make a lot of the knitted products, although the majority are knitted by my Mum, Margaret, who is far superior with a pair of needles than I am!

The inspiration behind our handmade cards comes from family photos of my home in Yorkshire, England, various vacations and also our family pets. The photos are all taken by me, my husband or my Mum and each one has fond memories which I hope translate to the finished card. We are also registered agents for Phoenix Cards in the UK. These are gorgeous cards, gift wrap and stationery items which are no longer available to buy in the US (except from right here in Orange, VA). We have also recently added a range of cards and stationery from Wrendale Designs, featuring absolutely adorable hand drawn characters, whose personalities literally shine from the cards - we think you'll love them just as we much as we do!

My husband, Steve, is the creative genius behind our Fusion Florals which is a blend of Japanese Ikebana and Contemporary American styles. Admittedly, we do buy in the silk flowers and we get our wooden roses from England, but the arrangements are all put together on site and each one is entirely unique.

Please visit these pages to learn more about our handmade soaps, handmade cards and fusion florals.

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