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Fragrance of the Month: Rose

The rose is the enduring symbol of love and romance. We give red roses to our loved one on Valentine’s Day, and, despite changing fashions, roses remain one of the most popular flowers in a wedding bouquet. Cultivated in a wide range of shapes and colors, whether you love the traditional rich, velvety red rose, the Old English damask rose or the bright blue of the Waltz Time, there is a rose for everyone. The name ‘Rosa’ comes from the Greek ‘roden’ meaning ‘red’, as the anci

Sneak Peek – Looking Ahead to May

We are busy collating items for our May box. The theme will naturally be Mothers’ Day so we are making sure we have lots of lovely items that you can gift to your Mom, Stepmom, Mom-in-Law, Foster Mom, Grandma…. well you get the idea. We’re keeping the theme fresh florals with a hefty bias towards roses, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a beautiful, fragrant rose?!? But we don’t want to be a one-hit-wonder so we’re adding other yummy highlights like magnolia, peach, dai

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