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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Do you realise there are only 27 more days to Christmas!! It’s a scary thought. Literally, what seems like only 5 minutes ago, we were slathering on the sun cream and cranking up the AC (apologies to those in the warmer states who are still doing that lol) and now I’m thinking about snow and stockings and how the heck am I going to fit that damn turkey into the oven?!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have found myself happily involved in a couple of craft fairs this year and I’m thrilled to be back out there, stretching my crafty legs again.

This weekend I have a couple of fairs planned: CRAFTfest, which is a 3-day event running December 1-3 and the Makers Market at the Orange Holiday Village event on December 2.

I know what you’re thinking, how do I manage to be at both events on the 2nd at the same time. Well, luckily, the CRAFTfest event is more like a networking event for crafters and is run online so no physical presence required – phew! Instead, I will be tweeting and liking and clicking other vendors pages, Twitter feeds and Instagram albums, sharing new items and gift ideas, oh and putting together a killer Christmas playlist to entertain everyone who visits the FB page. Find out more about CRAFTfest here, and if you are a crafter yourself, why not join in?

The Makers Market on the other hand I am seriously excited about. I’m hoping for a cool day, not just because I hope my soaps don’t melt, but because people are more inclined to stop, browse and chat if they’re not sweating to death or freezing cold. And I love a chatty customer 🙂 it makes the event so much more fun for me and gives me the chance to speak my potential customers, find out what they like, what they are looking for, what works and what doesn’t.

I also think a cool day lends itself more to Christmas shopping; it’s hard to feel festive when you’re still wearing shorts and flip flops, right? The Makers Market is just part of a larger event that encompasses the whole town. Santa Claus will be at the train depot/visitor centre, the art gallery will be hosting kids’ craft sessions, Downtown and Main Street shops will be hosting open house events and all around will be carolers and live musicians playing festive songs as you shop. If you are in the area on December 2 and don’t have any plans yet, I would definitely recommend you come along to the Holiday Village.

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