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We are Gearing up for Launch Day

It’s been a frantic couple of weeks here at The Pamper Hamper. Our new boxes arrived (finally) and they look so cute! I am so happy with them!

Box 2.jpg

Can’t wait to see them all filled up with our handmade goodies ready for shipping!

We’ve also been having fun creating new promotional materials (thank goodness for all the lovely, talented people on Fiverr!) and we even have a movie trailer style commercial playing on our social media pages! I love it, it;s just so funny.

You can check it out right here: Click-Me

The latest batch of soaps are all done curing and have been cut and wrapped ready for packing. The first box is going to feature lots of light fresh fragrances like mint, white tea, licorice, pomegranate and more. I’m excited to see everything coming together and looking forward to our very first mail-out!

See you all at Launch Day!!

Gill x

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